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TW Exclusive women’s Asics Gel Resolution 4 Shoe Asics continues to increase a participant favourite with the Gel R…
Movie Rating: five / 5

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  1. mary v. cicc says:

    Awsome shoes! !!!

  2. Tennis Warehouse says:

    @ Eric Morales, The 255/295 refers to their unstrung weight in grams, so
    the 255 will be almost an ounce lighter than the 295. That’s the biggest
    difference as they both are crisper, livelier frames with open string
    patterns and a generous sweetspot. Andy, TW

  3. G K Collins says:

    Wow, crazy soundtrack! Love the shoes though.

  4. Joseph Castellano says:

    Brittany Blalock, official model for TW. Hahahahaha! Love ya brittany!! :))

  5. Tennis Warehouse says:

    Sneak peek!!

    Here are a first look at our latest commercial! For the women’s Asics Gel
    Resolution 4 shoe! 

  6. yankee77100 says: