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ASICS – Better Your Best – Sprinter Christophe Lemaitre

French sprinting mentor Pierre Carraz reveals that it is the several hours invested concentrating on the tiny information that hold 100m European Champion Christophe Lemaitre ac…
Movie Rating: 4 / five

Quelle: Leonard Komon hat bei den ASICS Grand ten einen Hattrick geschafft und ist dabei zum dritten Mal eine Weltklassezeit in Berlin g…
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  1. George Kemp says:
  2. Ghos Tsilence says:

    can you tell me where i can find the instrumental which you used in this
    advert? much appreciated

  3. 郑 帅 says:

    I like this video! It’s impressive and make me learn something.

  4. evanyell says:

    I am not an sprinter but I liked the video and what the coach says…ASICS
    fan boy forever sorry!!!

  5. navyfluff says: