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Best Of the ASICS Treadmill Challenge

For the ING New York City Marathon, ASICS is letting followers step into the shoes of an elite marathoner. Understand far more: Ryan Corridor, Ame…
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  1. Darren Smith says:

    So how fast do elite marathoners run? This fast!

  2. Kim Cullen says:

    This video gave me a better appreciation for what a sub-5 minute marathon
    pace looks like. And to think the elites keep this up for 26.2 miles…

  3. Fitness Buffet says:

    Love this! Asics commercial to see if people on the street could keep up
    with a top marathon runner. It’s a flat out sprint for us mere mortals.

  4. Angela L says:

    It’s interesting to see that the elites looked so relaxed running that fast
    and the people on the treadmill looked like they were sprinting.

  5. Corey Layton says:

    Great work by ASICS America to leverage their association with Ryan Hall &
    the City of New York marathon. Hit the treadmill:

  6. Santi Roman i Guimaraes says:


  7. Kenny Pang says:

    You really have to see these elite runners live. They are not running but
    sprinting the 26.2.


  8. Pablo Villalobos says:

    It’s a good idea 😉

  9. Apiwat Butter Flavor says:

    124 Min divided by 26.2 =4.7 min / mile close enuf ?

  10. LMaster1 says:

    No idea what you mean. First off, he runs 26.2 in 2:04, not 2:15. Now, if
    we do 5 minute miles the whole way, 5×26 = 2:10, plus the extra minute for
    the last .2 which is 2:11. I don’t know exactly how the heck you got 4.46
    working out to be 2:45…but that ain’t right. 4 x 26 = 104 :46 x 26 =
    19:56 then last .2 = 58 Total = 104 + 19:56 + :58 = 2:04:54

  11. Víctor del Corte says:

    Wow! Pablo Villalobos himself posting in Youtube! I’m pretty sure you are
    able to do it for 42km (and 195m, of course!)

  12. Vincent Guerin says:

    it can’t be a pace of 4:46. It’s way faster than that. He runs 26 in 2:15,
    which is faster than 4.46. 4.46 = 2:45

  13. Luis Hernandez says:

    Alright someday I’m going to try that treadmill

  14. AndrewChan84 says:

    My treadmill only does 10 mph, sad….

  15. Juan Carlos Nadal says:

    No llego ni a 3:00 jajaja

  16. Masahiro Shinogi says:




  17. Bleublancrouge says:

    La marque de chaussures de sport ASICS a lancé une super initiative auprès
    des New-Yorkais durant le marathon de NYC! 

  18. Neorg says:

    Asics repta als vianants a calcular quant de temps podrien acompanyar a
    Ryan Hall durant una marató. #StreetMarketing

  19. Duo Sports says:


    Por ocasião da Maratona de Nova York, que ocorreu no último domingo (3) e
    reuniu 46 mil participantes, a ASICS lançou a campanha The Treadmill

    Na badalada Central Park, a marca instalou uma esteira programada com a
    mesma velocidade de Ryan Hall, melhor maratonista dos Estados Unidos, e o
    desafio era que populares se mantivessem o maior tempo correndo sobre ela.

    Esta ativação da Asics é parte da campanha global “Better Your Best”.

    Fonte: Mkt Esportivo