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Academy of Swag (West Covina, CA) at USA Championship Finals 2012 (MegaCrew)

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  1. Natassja C says:

    They seem too…light with their moves? Like they’re so clean and smooth
    but they don’t seem to have any grunt behind them. It’s like they need to
    lighten up, it looks like they’re concentrating too hard on getting the
    moves right to actually enjoy their performance…

  2. 윤영섭 says:

    This is amazing !!!!

  3. arri jade silayan says:

    Copy cat

  4. Francis Louie Merjudio says:

    “As you well know, appearances can be deceiving, which brings us to the
    reason why we’re here…”

    – SMITH

  5. howang wong says:


  6. Karen Castro says:

    Too stiff U.S.A…. loosen up

  7. C Me says:

    Academy of #Swag (West Covina, CA) at #USA #HipHop Championship Finals 2012

  8. John Kim says:

    they really do have swag

  9. Selvaraj Kousal Raj says:

    Song List please..!!

  10. Joey Dominguez says:

    my kuya was on that stage… i miss you so much kuya. bay to LA. GET THAT

  11. Ari Brown says:

    I think you guys were cool 🙂 Im from New Zealand and defanitley be
    following your videos online …. Yous defanitley brought it ! Looks like
    our Royal Family has some american competition 😛 btw … whats your krump
    song ? from a new fan …

  12. ju4ca says:


  13. Francis Louie Merjudio says:

    They got 4th place in the finals

  14. emceeserrano says:

    [Gasp] Now that, is clean

  15. jhong sorreda says:

    song list pls.. what song 1.30???

  16. danceTVable says:

    the first song name pls ! ^o^

  17. Sheri Marzan says:

    Are they from Hawaii ?

  18. FUCKTHISEROR404 says:

    Whats the song from 0:40 – 1:24 please?

  19. Jonathan Ccucho says:

    Song List Pleaseeee….! Plz Plz Plz…!!! Your Team is PERFECT…!