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Asics GEL-NIMBUS® 13 – Shoe Review – Does Color in the Same Model Make a Difference? – FDFAC

Dr. Jenny Sanders, Principal Physician of Economic District Foot & Ankle Center in San Francisco, testimonials Asics GEL-NIMBUS® thirteen, inspecting the variations in…

Dr. Jenny Sanders, Principal Medical doctor of Financial District Foot & Ankle Centre in San Francisco, evaluations Asics GEL-Kayano® 18 In contrast to variation 17. Finan…

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  1. safieddine Jawad says:


  2. Francesco Broggini says:

    Is it true that the 18 runs bigger than the 17?

  3. ISISPARANA says:

    Meu Kayano 17 é muito melhor que o Kayano 18. O Kayano 17 veste como uma
    luva: é macio e confortável; Já o Kayano 18, embora mais leve, não é macio
    (a sola parece um isopor duro), além de apertar as laterais de meus pés, a
    ponto de adormecer após meia hora de corrida.

  4. Angela Pruitt says:

    True! I feel my feet splaying so much in the 18. I just bought them and
    now, I went right back into my GT-2160, its like walking on air.

  5. barbs19788 says:

    i was just wondering if you’ve reviewed the Asics 1170?

  6. David Richter says:

    impressive review. searched for a review after injuring myself with a pair
    of 18s. went with an old pair of 17s for two marathons — with success but
    very worn shoes. now will look for 17s in my size thx to this review. well

  7. Bethany Jackson says:

    I have worn the Kayano for at least 4 years now, that’s at least 14 pairs!
    I wear them daily, for hours, & go through them quickly. The 18 is FAR
    INFERIOR to prior versions of this shoe. I didn’t notice that the shoe was
    narrower, but I did notice the structural differences as soon as I put them
    on in the store. I didn’t go with my gut & bought them anyway. What a
    mistake! They are not the Kayano that I know & love. Crossing my fingers
    that they’ll bring the REAL Kayano back for version 19!