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Designing the ASICS Jordan Burroughs Elite Wrestling Shoe

Elite ASICS wrestler Jordan Burroughs recently labored with our item advancement crew to design and style his best wrestling shoe: the all-new ASICS Jordan Burrou…
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  1. Untaroes Pitchford says:

    Nathan is right bottom rips in two fuckin weeks

  2. David Smith says:

    im just gonna stay with nike for now

  3. daone billygunnz says:

    Hey, can you also use these shoes for working out in the gym? Just curious.

  4. nathan wells says:

    dont buy them, my friend got a pair 1 month ago and there already tears and
    he said there’s not very got grip with them.

  5. kap563 says:

    Get into MMA Jordan! ! !

  6. Runner4life365 says:


  7. Evan Foster says:

    Ive been saying the same thing for years!

  8. Koo Bubu says:

    they look so sick… love to have a pair… love it!!

  9. Cox Speedy says:

    Whats the song

  10. Cmatt5054 says:

    I want the pair he signed at the end

  11. kevintemido says:

    getting a pair of gold tomorrow!

  12. ASICSAmerica says: