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Recent Sneaker Pickups (Flyknit, ZX Flux Prism, Asics CMYK, Roshe Slip On)

4 recent sneaker pickups given that february! Nike Flyknit Multicolor Coach Asics Gel Lyte III CMYK Pack Adidas ZX Flux Multicolor Review Roshe Run Slip On Jade…
Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. juiceboxmedia1080 says:

    the k is for key

  2. Max Rawling says:

    ive just made a small video on the new zx flux 2.0

  3. Oscar Torres says:

    Where did buy that shirt 

  4. UnAnanas Pommé says:

    Hey ! Where do you buy the Adidas ZX flux prism ?

  5. Joey ink says:

    whats the intro song?

  6. vincent nguyen says:

    Yo nice video, professional and clean

  7. Yung Bueno says:


  8. BULL1TRC says:

    Nice cop on the flyknits and thanks for the shoutout. Actually really
    liking those Asics!

  9. TFlubonis says:

    C M Y K Cyan Magenta Yellow Key (key is black)

  10. itsxroyy says:

    I would’ve liked to see that Asics shoe in a little more bright yellow, I
    liked all the shoes man. Specially the Nike roshe run slip ons, the future
    It seems like your house is the perfect place to chill, outside is the
    perfect ambience, birds whatever. Peace!

  11. runxjump boom says:

    feeling all your cops this vid!

  12. Bradley Gibbins-Klein says:

    Nice shoes you got there. My favourite are the yellow asics. They look
    really sick !

  13. Anthony Alv says:

    Dope pickups ! Runners are an essential for spring / summer 

  14. CleanestApparel says:

    you have a good day as well

  15. KikosKicks says:

    Check out my channel

  16. Dhruba Dasgupta says:

    Nice Pickups man! Really tried to cop the prisms, but i couldn’t!

  17. GearedTowardGear says:

    What upcoming releases are you dying to get in hand?!

  18. AVATARxCUSTOMS says:

    +GearedTowardGear You should make a video on how to customize roshes :)

  19. Grub Yab says:

    sick gel lytes

  20. sebi01234 says:

    Where’d you get those flyknits, I haven’t seen them anywhere