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BAIT x Asics GT-II (2) – Olympic Rings Pack Red/ Black ‘Red Ring’

Grab your pair now at Audio Track Titled ‘Dont Have faith in Em’ can be bought at h…

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  1. indeed317 says:

    love that model; looking for the ronnie neptune joints but sheeeeit thats
    going to be a great grind to come up on that. straight stunting in those
    baits though man; wwwwooooooo rick flair style wooooo Fuego!

  2. zageretokintaman says:

    The quality on Asics is just ridiculous, after I saw your Bait GelSagas
    video I decided to purchase a pair and man, absolutely everything is on
    point with these shoes, materials, craftmanship, shape, details …
    Especially if you compare them with what Nike offers with the air max retro
    products. I don’t know if you copped them already, but I strongly suggest
    you cop a footpatrol (gelsaga) or woeï (gel lyte III) edition, believe it
    or not they’re even better made.

  3. Nightwing2303 says:

    I know what you mean. Runners tend to look long and narrow, even for
    smaller sizes IMO, when compared to hoop kicks.

  4. eliasmoney12 says:

    Nightwing this is a unrelated question but do you think I can buy your
    lebron 9 galaxies?

  5. young pup says:

    Not a fan of these, I thought the yellow ones were decent though.

  6. lsreed84 says:

    black midsole is better IMO

  7. Toto Laluces says:

    red laces looking good!

  8. Devan Julian says:

    would have like them better if the colors werent mirrored

  9. TheGeneral CDP says:

    Are u going to get the Sacouny x Pys Shadow 6000 Blue Apple I already got

  10. Lo Go says:

    Could you please review the Wall Season 3 – ZigEscape

  11. TheFunkytownGotcha says:

    These are Dope!

  12. Dom Novak says:

    do you buy shoes for their CW’s or for performance alone?

  13. thefunny eskimo says:

    adi power howard 3?

  14. spacejam23s says:

    they look great on feet

  15. MrCrispycoyle says:

    Great review Bro! I’m not a huge fan of Asics, but these are really nice!
    I’m a sucker for red shoes, so these work for me. I would definitely cop
    these if I didn’t spend all my cash on New Balance. Lol. Keep up the good
    work Hombre!

  16. Nightwing2303 says:


  17. BirthOfANewNation says:

    Hey @nightwing2303 can you refer me to one of your videos for a 6’2 270 lb
    man?? I wanna move homey 🙂

  18. Dallas214Air says:

    They look real nice with pants Nice video

  19. gbreezy3 says:

    nice vid night man color way on these are to nice keep it up