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  1. Kaushik Pathak says:

    buying website please!!

  2. Todd Burns says:

    Turn off Autofocus on your camera..

  3. Zacoman1000 says:

    New to Bitcoin please donate so I can start minning <3
    <3 Love U <3

  4. Matt Lust says:

    nice bong in the back

  5. TheGhost says:

    what if i had one of these but didnt pay for electricity? 

  6. TheTechAdmins says:

    1/Th is almost $400 a day, WHAT?!

  7. Andre Cardona says:

    can anyone reference me to a video on how to set one of these things up…

  8. Lev Bahtin says:


    Could you tell me please how much did the Electric bill went up ? 

  9. Colin Long says:

    so its 1.5 bitcoin so its 900 bucks right . So 40 dollas an day x 24
    mouths its payed off . 

  10. Ricardo Balda says:

    Nice Asic Miner, Try 220V source, it will reduce 5-10% your electricity

  11. Вадим Ифунин says:

    Hi dear friends I got to $ 4700 ordered
    Asic miner on 200gh / s borrowed money but he came rassharivoniya speed
    dropped and he was just a simple piece of iron debris and support me if you
    can send this purse 1QEQhZG7abkmLaPbfgG3QaAjzZUZ2KnkpW

  12. Mountshilol says:

    Why are these things so big and clunky?

  13. TheGregEgg says:

    If you want to calculate how much profit you make go to Bitcoinx and click
    on their Profitability calculator.

  14. juggawest says:

    since it’s on the router say you wanted a 6-10 in a closet or a freezer in
    the basement how could that be done to keep then cool and out the way, do
    you have solar panels on the house to cut down the light bill, cuz I’ve
    seen batteries in a freezer to keep the heat down I would think similar
    concept a walk-in closet with it’s own outlet throw in a wireless receiver
    to that or a splitter. Were those USB ports under the Lan line? split those
    to 2 machines and those to 2 more machines, with just the 1 pay off your
    lightbill second month get solar panel (after you check local regulations
    if it’s aloud and landlord if you rent and if you know it’s also where your
    landlord lives mention how much you’ll save and more batteries you can
    start getting checks from electric company. now I gotta google the dragon!

  15. Roberto Ghizzi says:

    So how are the Machines running today? Also is the cost of elecrisity still
    allowing the machines to be profitable? 

  16. memo satin says:

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    3.02044653 bitcoins
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  17. Vassiliy Kravtsov says:

    bad autofocus

  18. Abhijith K.A. says:

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