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Action Bronson Wants To Work With Asics – Hailing from Flushing, Queens, rapper Action Bronson was in a position to put down the chef’s hat and discuss some sneaker subject areas. From…

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  1. BDotFinley says:

    It’s the adidas pure boost.. Are these people retarted do they even know

  2. Trufh Boof says:

    It’s flattering to see cave monkey crackazoids mimicking us.

  3. Johnpaul Defreitas says:

    I love this dude action haha

  4. lexyota says:

    albanians… the lowest form of white man.

  5. nandoughs says:

    think he means the pure boost


    y3 quasa or pure boost

  7. the gamer1771 says:

    Adidas is boss 

  8. harry kavana says:

    Sweeden weren’t in the world cup but would 100percent cop an asics action
    Bronson sneaker

  9. pfoley103 says:

    He is obviously talking about the Pure Boost 

  10. Brennan Hill says:

    An action Bronson collab with asics would sell out in a minute

  11. Shawn G. says:

    He talkin bout the pure boost ya dumb shit

  12. Fernando Garcia says:

    My man(denzel Washington voice)..dope

  13. IGC says:

    ZX flux

  14. OGsid says:

    I don’t get it. But to each his own i guess.

  15. josh gentry says:

    pure boost not zx flux

  16. 88laserbeam says:

    Pure boost so comfy :)

  17. Ivan Boo says: