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Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte V 5 Volcano Review and On Feet HD

Really clean, high good quality collab. Resources are prosperous and on point, sizing sensible measurement up .5. * forgot to reduced voice volume at the stop heads up.

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  1. lieutenant Jenkins says:

    That sound at the end made me piss myself

  2. Watts Goodie says:

    Great work homie!

  3. Jyehro Poquiz says:

    what camera did you use?

  4. JiGGaVeLii007 says:

    what pants are those ?if you dont mind me asking.

  5. Jason C says:

    What wearing.bro?

  6. Jason C says:

    What wearing.bro?

  7. KhmerInDaHouse75 says:

    Where cam I get a pair.?

  8. João Filipe says:

    these scream premium. damn.

  9. Sigurd Rasmussen says:

    Such a dope video

  10. Cameron Lide says:

    your edits are amazing

  11. Léa Le Pingouin says:

    Really cool video!

  12. jag09mxe says:

    Can i get any of your extra rope laces?

  13. aznboi tommy says:

    Please do a editing video… Looks sick with those key frames

  14. Albert Morin says:

    This is my favorite sneaker review video on youtube at the moment. Such
    sick editing and quality.

  15. Ethan Mancini says:

    got these and the knicks from the ecp pack.