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Sneaker & Boot Pickups – October 2014 | Asics & Timberland

Late, I know! Don’t destroy me! Lol. Just a run by means of of last months pickups. As constantly, drop a line and permit me know what ya’ll believe. ☟WHERE TO Discover THESE IT…

What did GTFan712 use right now? Observe in High definition! Web site: Twitter: Instagram: Flickr:…

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  1. CleanestApparel says:

    Red shoe laces really set those tims off. Nice pickups!

  2. Gotsweige PROD says:

    great pick ups , red laces really made those joints pop for real

  3. saljr91 says:

    Great vid man! Just happened to stumble on your page, great content! I need
    some sizing help for embellishnyc how tall are you and what size are your
    jeans from them?? 

  4. IlIIIlllllIIIIIIllll says:

    I just coped the same asics in reverse colorwy 😀 love em

  5. KING M says:

    I Appreciate the dedication to shoot a video for your subscribers at 2am.
    Big fan now. 

  6. Jah T says:

    Dope pickups. Those red laces in the Tims, too clean!

  7. imSchwaggy says:

    that red lace looks dope

  8. EJ Kicks says:

    Where did you get the jeans that you showed in the B-roll ? 

  9. William Moore says:

    How do you give that ” dead stock” look with the shoelace. example: the red
    and brown timbs

  10. VINCENT SMITH says:

    damn! those red laces…

  11. Victor James says:

    red laces are dope just wish you got red boot laces instead of flat sneaker
    laces…dope vid

  12. JDKICKS says:

    them asics are nice ! and what is the brand of the grey hoodie you’re
    wearing in the vid?

  13. Omar Popal says:

    The hazel highway pair is fire. Thinking bout pickin up a pair what sz
    should i get if i wear a sz 11 11.5 in nikes. 

  14. Mike Hays says:

    Where did u get them black leather Tim’z? They El fuego yo!!

  15. Anthony Horne says:

    Could you do a little video on how to incorporate black timbs into an
    outfit other than the obvious all black? Thanka and great videos

  16. Walker Johnson says:

    nice video, i just got some all blacks myself

  17. mannybigd says:

    That was me who asked lol

  18. Phillip Robie says:

    Can you tell me where you get your 5’s and 6’s??

  19. Derik Kincy says:

    I have the same pair of Asics and those brown timbs are dope bruh

  20. jordan23945bulls says:

    What lens do you use when you take the pictures?

  21. Charlie Williams says:

    Fav Asics ever

  22. clipseforlife says:

    where do you work? I want a job were i can maintain my sneaker lifestyle
    and do good for myself.

  23. Benny Sanquintin says:

    Does anybody know if Asics Gel Lyte III run true to size?

  24. Chuck Norris says:

    these in the all white colorway is a must cop!

  25. Jens Jensen says:

    Palest ancles on youtube