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Allison Belanger – 5′ 9″ Outside Hitter / Libero – Class of 2013

Allison Belanger – 5′ 9″ Outdoors Hitter / Libero – Course of 2013 Footage taken at : Beast of the Southeast Volleyball tourn…
Online video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. Mary heart says:

    My goal is to be like her.! 

  2. KristinaMarii says:

    the setter is amazing too!

  3. Julia Rein says:

    what do you use to edit these videos??

  4. Loren Farrow says:

    Oh snap OVA girl in the house haha. You’re amazing!!

  5. peymanrasti says:

    wow you are absolutely amazing, strong hits….. i”m impressed!

  6. Kayleen Marie says:

    This girl is the next Logan Tom

  7. Matthew Chen says:

    i’m a 5’6 guy as an outside and a libero 🙂

  8. Champagne Papi says:

    dude! that’s exactly what im tryinig to be! any tips on how us shorter guys
    can hit outside?

  9. snookieboo69 says:

    You guys are beast, our team would have a hard time keeping up with you
    guys !!

  10. littlevolleyballer2 says:

    Nice job! you’re a amazing volleyball player. keep working hard! 🙂

  11. Kara says:

    you’re really good 🙂