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Calvin Harris – Slow Acid

You can vote Summer time as #BRITs2015 British Movie by tweeting utilizing #BRITCalvinHarris ‘Slow Acid’ is taken from the new alb…
Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. Aldo Ugarte Cabrera says:

    Why so many dislikes? This is an awesome Acid House song!

  2. ShadowTrex says:

    I come from future and in 4 months this will be the top song of 2015

  3. Michael Rojas says:

    This sucks and sounds so unprofessional

  4. Phillip Tyson says:

    While it’s great to hear something a bit different from Harris, this
    particular track is hopefully just a bit of a “tribute” to other artists in
    this genre rather than trying to branch and claim this sound as his own. As
    others have mentioned, the similarities to NiN are undeniable, and I would
    go even further by throwing Daft Punk (especially ‘Da Funk’) and The
    Prodigy’s ‘You’ll Be Under My Wheels’ as undeniable “inspiration” for this

  5. Janey Jones says:

    Y’all need to stfu. This sounds like old Calvin and It’s amazing af 

  6. Thanvi Vishishta says:

    I like this song and all but the video is friggin’ creepy…!! :/

  7. Mastersrewdriver Productions says:

    This will probably be the only good track from Motion, if I’m honest with
    you. Wasn’t a fan of summer, nor blame and probably won’t be a fan of the

  8. Joey F says:

    Is this meant to be homage to Gesaffelstein – “Hate or Glory”?

  9. Beric Dondarrion says:

    Reminds me of the Tron Legacy soundtrack

  10. ChikiBravi says:

    Calvin Harris should do more songs like Summer.

  11. Labdog Johnson says:

    speed 0.5… tttrrriiippiinngg bbaallzz

  12. creeper king says:


  13. Magda Tz says:

    I don’t like this mix, it is rather boring. He could add some more faster
    bits tu upgrade the rhythm.

  14. marsub techmin says:

    i love this video clip and i love the song.. all haters suck calvin’s dick

  15. Jonathan Salazar says:

    So Daft Punk, really great job.

  16. Julien Valiquette says:

    Qu’est-ce qui arrive si on mélange Da Funk de Daft Punk avec la musique de
    club du film Blade? Ça donne ça pis c’est vraiment bon!

  17. Observercat O says:

    5 баллов, какая хорошая нехорошая девочка!

  18. Stephany Rendón says:

    Me recuerda a “Hate or Glory” de Gesaffelstein, el cual a mi gusto es