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How to Spladle | Wrestling Moves Wrestling is a sport where you can be out matched, beaten, and broken but still pull out a win with one move. Using the spladl…

3rd Place Match match of the 2014 Las Vegas/ASICS U.S. Open with Bernard Futrell from Titan Mercury Wrestling Club vs Matt McDonough from Titan Mercury Wrest…
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  1. Lenny Robinson says:

    Do you have to wizzer first?´╗┐

  2. Ali Kadkhoda says:

    Thanks so much! ­čÖé ´╗┐

  3. Alivia Epstei. says:

    I am a girl who weighs 120 pounds and im have a wrestling match with a 380
    pound man I’ll try to do that move on him im worried he will kill me I will
    post it on YouTube´╗┐

  4. FunkiDoe 21 says:

    2:08 GAY!!!!!!!!!!! HIS ASS VIEW´╗┐

  5. Seun Majekodunmi says:

    Thank you so much for this´╗┐

  6. iasdasdasdii says:

    He’s not assuming anything, he’s asking a question. Stop being so

  7. otejada777 says:

    Put what if he takes the single leg and his head is on the outside will it
    still work?

  8. Fonz Salazar says:

    great coach… easy to learn.. we will be drilling this all week…thanks

  9. Zico Marsongko says:

    can you do the spladle to defend the high crotch instead of the single leg?

  10. billy sasnett says:

    you can, but it’s not as tight. knock your opponents head inside and it
    makes it a lot easier. This is a really good move for your longer, lankier

  11. Sam Chapman says:

    guess what i can do now HEHE

  12. mtednby21 says:

    he said online in person im sure he’s a great coach

  13. kbandstraining says:

    @blisterstarr thanks for checking us out. We offer all kinds of free
    wrestling videos on our website KbandsTraining . com that will help
    wrestlers speed and strength.

  14. BGBEASTLY says:

    wow u made it so simple nd ummmm dnt u think it’d get really uncomfortable
    to just leave them there while you talk?

  15. kyle mullen says:

    thats called the poop scoop where im from. and used it in a national
    tourney. and i had a teammate do it to take first in the league
    championships. sneaky defensive move

  16. Devin Mackenzie says:

    Great training vid

  17. blisterstarr says:

    Great explanation. 2 thumbs up!

  18. kbandstraining says:

    hahah that’s a funny name.

  19. kbandstraining says:

    @entertainment360ps3 He is a great coach. His guys are great at this move

  20. entertainment360ps3 says:

    final some one who teaches better online!!

  21. worldsking10 says:

    Omg my teacher calls himself coach T

  22. wangsterpongster says:

    This is the sexiest thing ever. Am I the only one that jack