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Mt. Gox Revival Problems — Bot Manipulated Mt. Gox Prices? — Dogecoin Stickers and Magnets!

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Champ. Spherical 2 at the 2012 ASICS Univ Nat`ls with Anthony Dilonardo from Penn Wrestling Club vs Carl Buchholz from Terrapin Wrestling Club at 120 KG / 264.5 …
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  1. Vention1MGTOW says:

    Rogers is lying his butt off. He says he’ll invest someday when he learns
    more, implying that day is a while off. I suspect though he’ll be buying
    soon. He’s a bright boy and can’t afford to miss out on this. In another
    week I get paid and I plan to pickup another bitcoin, even at this new
    higher price.

  2. halfasheep says:

    Shibecoin, dogecoin is srz marketing bznz 4 profits.

  3. MadBitcoins says:
  4. MindSpiritSoulOne says:

    Vroom vroom, look at that beard.