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  1. ChillZoneBoy says:

    The dislikers are crips

  2. FdomeMarlin says:

    Can’t wear those where im at , they nice tho.

  3. Jerlz says:

    That couch has had a hard life of gettin boxes dropped on it

  4. Leo says:

    I’m actually waiting for me pairs to come in as you uploaded this haha, got
    both red and black cause these dope

  5. Zelosos- ify says:

    Please hop off the asics band wagon 

  6. XxPtmngamingxX says:

    red bandanas are too nice 

  7. Antwan Frazier says:

    Shits are dope scoop

  8. jackstacks247 says:

    I’m trying to cop too

  9. Esteban Barrero says:

    Another asics unboxing….

  10. Carmelo514 says:

    Trash, how about u cop some cement 3’s space jam 11’s bred 11’s like some
    real heat!

  11. jalen Bell says:

    Walking gang sign yo lmao

  12. MacSwagHD says:

    NICE PICkkKKKKKUPPPP no lebrons im happy

  13. ★ Venozite ★ says:

    Reviews? Where dey at doe?! just playing man. But how do u get so much $
    for these shoes man

  14. Mason Conn says:

    Finally a shoe thats not LeBron lbs keep it up

  15. - JakeHKicks - says:

    ayy good to see you copping something a little out of the ordinary than the
    rest on youtube, dope dude

  16. B MAN says:

    Hey SCOOP I’m gonna get a pair of Lebron 10s What size should I get

  17. tyrece bygrave says:

    Whatever you Do not go to a crip neiborhood