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Ray Allen Air Jordan 11 PE, LeBron 11 Akron vs Miami, and More – Today in Sneaks

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  1. Highlyfavored_ant says:

    Im pretty sure some Chinese Replica site will make those Ray Allen PE and
    then some Youtuber will review them as if they are authentic along with the
    rest of their fake PE. LOL

  2. Jacques Slade says:

    Thank you.

  3. MarzDero says:

    Those Ray Allen’s tho!!!

  4. Sheikh Asef says:

    i like this guy

  5. SoleAngel2335 says:

    They should release the Ray Allen pe with the same shoe with silver where
    the gold is as a championship pack. Great episode today

  6. Andrew Balls Out says:


  7. enrique ramos says:

    One take drake

  8. BlakKat Melrose says:

    I though you said black ass accents lol

  9. Jacques Slade says:

    Thank you!

  10. nathan clark says:

    Da Bulls!

  11. Roberto Olguin says:

    Golden state warriors!

  12. mframski says:

    The Rockets are gonna do work this season with my favorite 2 guard and
    center and my 2nd favorite point guard, linsanity

  13. Iiel Schumacher says:

    Good vid man any news on the kobe 9’s

  14. Kyle Reps says:

    ur vids are great

  15. PrinceKC22 says:

    Los Angeles Lakers ALL THE WAY!!