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Sneakers Freaker x Asics Gel Lyte III “Alvin” | Fresh Out The Box

Subscribe to Intricate for Far more: Mr Foamer Simpson will get a in depth search at the Sneaker Freaker x Asics Gel Lyte III “Alvin”. Check out mor…
Online video Score: four / 5

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  1. PGsneaks02 says:

    I don’t which to cop these or gt ii World Cup

  2. Wave E. Rich says:

    I wonder if this was just a GR Asics GL3, would people even want this shoe
    or would we even be seeing a review on them on this channel? Always a
    pleasure watching your vids tho Foamie. It does seem like sometime that the
    Collab hype exceeds the look of the shoe.

  3. T- Sim says:

    Is this a sneaker or movie review? BRUHH

  4. TheSmartSneakerhead says:

    dope vid as always foamie

  5. Hugh Turner says:

    haha foam killin it

  6. MONK DORRANCE says:

    foamer is so hilarious

  7. MAXCADY187 says:

    One of my favorite

  8. DB HEISENBERG says:

    Diane Lane banging action in that movie was on point hahaha nice pick up!

  9. OGsid says:

    Stop it. You don´t actually like these and neither does anybody else. Cheap
    orthopedic looking hipster ass shoes.

  10. DrSneakers says:

    Dope vid foams

  11. DaneSupreme says:

    Complex, please do more of these reviews!

  12. TheRoryR21 says:

    Foamer does not need Complex. They’re dramatizing his style a little bit.
    The change is subtle but I hope he doesn’t stray away from his true

  13. Shion Browne says:

    I tried getting these last week. Smh my size was gone in seconds. Dope
    review as always Foamer