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University Nat`ls GR 96 KG / 211.5 lbs: Marcus Finau vs. Caylor Williams

1st Area Match at the 2012 ASICS College Nat`ls – GR with Marcus Finau from NYAC vs Caylor Williams from Of course Wrestling at ninety six KG / 211.5 lbs.

UPDATE* *Dan Teel has retired from Tranquil Movement* Right after returning from the Asics Parcouring World Championships, Dan was motivated to understand and carry out s…
Video Score: 5 / five

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  1. Ábel Kocsis says:

    yee, nice 🙂

  2. Jonatas Lima Costa says:

    really nice!

  3. nokedliii says:

    Great! your acrobatic style is beautifull! Keep it Up!

  4. grazida0276 says:

    just re-watched, haha and i read in the info “(we realize this park is
    almost all of our videos, thats because it’s where our freedom was first
    established)” well put justin.

  5. AxTraceur says:

    lovely! your technique in that stuff is flawless!

  6. grazida0276 says:

    @Jlemay117 dude im at that park at like every point in my life.

  7. Josh Lobeck says:

    Looooooove This song..!! “Gotta look ovah yah Shoulda Constantly”

  8. Jlemay117 says:

    I think you were at that park at some point grazida in one of your vids
    when you smashed your back.