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Welcome Stan the Savannah Monitor!

Stan the Savannah Keep an eye on is finally right here! Last night was a sleepless night time for me, as Im so fired up! Thanks for viewing! So several far more videos to come about …
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Savannah Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon-I needed to doc my very first 26.two mile marathon. It was tough but I feel I did it. Sorry for the shakes. 26.2 miles in 7…

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  1. josh shapiro says:

    hey man before your sav gets big/asap you should check out and the first is the best and one of
    the few 100 percent correct care guides and the other is a forum for
    monitor lizard owners I am a part of the forum and I can honestly say that
    those two websites saved my savs life and if you read them know hopefully
    your lizard wont be to bad off for long

  2. The Reptile Hunter says:

    Nice! On insta he seemed pretty big like my savannah monitor was when I got
    her. He/she is going to get big fast! I love savannah monitors but I got
    rid of mine because I really wanted a argus monitor:( Great setup and hope
    you enjoy him/her! 

  3. colins reptiles says:

    Congrats on the new pet!

  4. coffeecrisp33 says:

    Im jelly

  5. Evolved Exotics says: