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CNCPTS x Asics Gel Lyte III “Three Lies”

1 of the most predicted releases of the yr, coming from Principles! Here is a appear at their very first Asic Collab the Gel Lyte III “Three Lies.” You are going to get t…
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  1. Nik Mahmood says:

    bro..this shoes pig skin?´╗┐

  2. MarvvFIT says:

    you should throw in some on foot vids on your channel bro. would love to
    see what they look like on feet´╗┐

  3. brianlieb14 says:

    Nice pickup! Hope to grab these at packer saturday! What time u think i
    should start camping?

  4. DanTierZero says:

    Brianlieb. Prob early homie.

  5. chris hadfield says:

    these are coming to melbourne australia, but they have less than 10 pairs
    so they are going to be very hard to grab