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Foot Gummy Surprise

I wander all around manhattan all day running all around doing errands. Menwhile my socks are getting truly sitnky and when i get them off when i am finally home you…

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  1. SexyLady Crushing says:

    I am sure they smell wonderful! :)

  2. John Metellus says:

    Poor gummy worms i really feel bad for them 

  3. calimba2333 says:

    Can you make another video with a pair of nike shoes with gummy bears in
    the fym working out?

  4. flatsandheels says:


  5. Flex Strong says:…..I see that I’m way late to the party, but please tell
    me that you are either still selling? Or would consider again?

  6. Daniel Pepin says:

    Are you for real?