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FSN 138: Zack Lamb (Ringers) vs. Devon Zavala (Denver East)

Champ. Spherical 3 motion at the 2012 ASICS/USAW Jr/Cadet Folkstyle Natls with Zack Lamb from Ringers vs. Devon Zavala from Denver East at 138.
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Isiah Thomas answers if the Thunder will make the playoffs, who the best point guard is in the game is, and his favourite portion of Thanksgiving supper. Look at The Starters weekdays at six:30ET on…
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  1. ninjaguy123 says:

    I love Isiah.

    Even though it’s hard to pick against Curry, he’s more like a SG than a PG.
    You should consider these guys :
    – Kyle Lowry
    – Tony Parker
    – Mike Conley

  2. smackduhlip says:

    isiah hasn’t aged at all… wat the hell is up with the guys at tnt?
    reggie, chris, isiah.. they look like their age during their playing
    careers haha

  3. azeen abdulla says:

    Overrated food? Come on -.- a legendary basketball player and that’s what
    you ask him….?

  4. Nate Edwards says:

    From all of Knicks nation. Fuck you Isiah.

  5. R3CK3Digau says:

    Isiah Thomas? more like Isiah Thomiss ahahhahahhhdhafhafnsfaakf

  6. TheJayDot says:


  7. Wesley Gilmore says:

    2:13 that would bee a technical right now 

  8. Ariana Grande For Life says:

    Just to let y’all know, my first name is Isaiah and my middle name is
    Jordan. I’m named after Michael and Isiah. Y’all must be jealous that I’m
    named after 2 legends.

  9. O. Bury says:

    I feel ashamed because I thought this video is about Isaiah Thomas from the
    Phoenix Suns.

  10. Michael Forte says:

    Isiah Thomas knows his shit. When he speaks, LISTEN.

  11. Cocheese45 says:

    Should’ve asked him how many sexual harassment lawsuits he had.

  12. albert jones says:

    Don’t get me wrong cp3 is still one of the best great point guards of the
    league but when it comes to “the” best point guard. Even the great Isaiah
    Thomas agrees that curry takes the cake 

  13. JohnnyLee014 says:

    Thank you Isiah. I laugh at people still saying John Wall and Chris Paul
    are better than Curry. Curry is hands down the best point guard so far this

  14. User Error says:

    It is so good to see Isiah relaxed in his own skin. He is such a smart and
    personable man. The old chip he used to carry on his shoulder about the
    bad boy’s roughness is not relevant anymore. 

  15. TIHutch1 says:

    Damian Lillard best point guard!

  16. F4stFow4rd25 says:

    Good choice in picking Steph Curry. This season he is dominating that point
    position, he will be better than CP3 when its all said and done…

  17. Lawrence Hunt says:


  18. MrShawnDizzle says:

    I like my boy Zeke but I thought it was stupid of him to say OKC will miss
    the playoffs.

  19. seal3081 says:

    it’s rare to get good turkey. Sides all the way. 

  20. smiles4u92 says:


  21. Dem Rockets Doe says:

    Is Isiah Tomas the Father of Isiah Tomas on the Suns?

  22. Jewish orphans 1 says:


  23. Guangchu Shi says: