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Virtual Job Fest 2014: Panel 3 – Retail (Apparel)

The Digital Task Fest is your chance to hear from companies with occupation openings in San Benito and Santa Clara Counties. In this panel, co-hosts Alex Arias and C…
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  1. Ali W says:

    asics make great road racing shoes in my opinion. all of my fastest road
    running times have been run in asics shoes… but! I don’t personally like
    the gel shoes…. the gel shoes i find, are typically very heavy… so you
    might get some good cusioning, but they weigh too much compared to other
    shoes… maybe they are better now – IDK

  2. Ralph Ovary says:

    Got these bad boys. They are very good except the glow in the dark bit is a
    bit gay!

  3. Penny Ho Min Wei says:

    She not wear bra ….so big her nipple….wow…i like it…

  4. xun qiu says:

    are their running techniques correct? both of them seem to land on their
    heels? and the gal doesnt land on her feet flat?

  5. Tref Sport says:

    VIDEO ASICS GEL-Nimbus® 15 – najnovija FluidRide tehnologija!
    The ASICS GEL-Nimbus® 15 featuring FluidRide

    #Patike #trcanje #PatikezaTrcanje 

  6. ongrat says:

    i have mizuno , nike , but asics nimbus12 , 13 ,14 best only use asics
    nimbus now day

  7. Didier Fleche says:

    Nimbus 15 commercial

  8. Edgar Ochoa says:
  9. Johan Sävenstrand says:

    Nimbus 15 commercial

  10. Moscavide Xavier says:

    ASICS Gel-Nimbus 15

  11. Robert Rosenberg says:

    I bought a pair this week from sweatshop

  12. jettungul24 says:

    I agree

  13. 4PeacexDarkness says:

    Personal opinion, but that much muscle on a girl is kinda repulsive…

  14. Ali Hawk says:

    UK release date?

  15. Tyler Smith says:

    The Nimbus is my favorite shoe, but it definitely can’t be advertised as a
    trail shoe. I don’t know why they try to say that in this ad.

  16. Greg Ranck says:

    This is the Best Nimbus yet. They have more silicone gel than a pornstar.
    All the features are better than any model of Nimbus I have used so far.

  17. Atmos says:

    Mid striking is OK too, forefoot is a little over hyped.

  18. Cherry Joy Lopez says:

    kayano is for runners who has a medium arch and tends to roll inward, thats
    why you can see in the arch part of a shoe there’s a duomax technology in
    which will avoid you for rolling in(pronation), while nimbus is for high
    arch and made for neutral runners, mostly for high arch

  19. Matthew Kennedy says:

    I love you!

  20. hihi says:

    Got fitted for a pair of these today, LOVE them!