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Video clip Ranking: four / five

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Video Rating: four / five

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  1. T Blake says:

    Thanks for all the support guys, its amazing to have gotten this far! I’m
    glad I could share this with you!

    Missing from this video are:
    Gucci Nike SB Dunk High
    Platinum Yeezy 2s
    Santa Monica Huaraches
    Vans Sk8 Hi Reissue
    Clarks Wallabee Low Red Suede
    What The Kevin Durant VI

    Reviews on all the above are already/will be posted in near future!

  2. Eric Boone says:

    Asics are dope man . My favorite no doubt . Made sure i liked the video .

  3. Isaac Punch says:

    Lovin that Rage Against The Machine in the background, very nice and
    impressive collection video. Keep up the great work. 

  4. TM Sneakers says:

    dope man, idk how i got un-subbed from your channel. Im just catching up on
    all the vids that i missed. Great collection

  5. Lia lee says:

    Hey I just subbed you have such a huge collection! 🙂 I just ordered a pair
    of ‘nike free 5.0 Tr fit 4’ (mainly coz they looked so nice) do u think i
    can use them as daily running shoes or am I just better off only using them
    for workouts?

  6. AJ Dixon says:

    What does “GR” mean

  7. joey colucci says:

    I love how he says “wrapping up” and then lists like 10 more shoes

  8. Too ICY OLD CHANNEL says:

    You have some Gems!

  9. Kyler Santos says:

    It’s better than scoop208’s collection

  10. TheStylephile says:

    Congrats man this is to 40K more my man! Loved this video, especially love
    those breds of course! 

  11. Carter K says:

    Big Bang Lebron 9s I’d love em your so cool

  12. Jacob Rahe says:

    Yo,you wanna trade them white jordan 4s for a pair of orange kd7,if so text
    me 941-676-0094

  13. Jack Butters says:

    Are you willing to sell the Paid in Full 5.0s?

  14. T Blake says:

    Packing Essentials: Portland, Oregon Round 3!!!

  15. AlwaysFreshApparel says:

    hey I’m from Portland! 

  16. T Blake says:

    Please remember to leave a thumbs up 🙂 

  17. GearedTowardGear says:

    Let us know if your spizikes got a lot of love or not!

  18. Israel Terry says:

    You are how I want to dress, joggers and stuff like that, while being a
    sneakerhead. I just don’t have enough money to be a sneaker head lol

  19. Russell Trillson says:

    wow a Staple item without a pidgeon on it lmao

  20. HEAT Ledger says:


  21. MrCrispycoyle says:

    Dude… What size Balenciaga did you scoop? Any recommendation?

  22. Blake Brazner says:

    Do you prefer the dropshot zanerobes over the sureshots? Not sure what
    would be best for me… I’m 6’3 and wear a size 30×32 pant if that helps.
    Tall, but don’t have a big waist. Would one be better than the other?

  23. TACO KING116 says:

    i live in portlandd..lets meet at voodoo doughnuts plzzz

  24. JTS10NYR says:

    Enjoy Portland Bro! I was there in August and loved it! Keep up the good

  25. InZaneKicks says:

    I know it may be a bit difficult at times but hopefully you’re able to
    document some of the events,safe travels to you

  26. James Thomas says:

    the oversized shirts from urban are from a brand called “feathers”