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Tai Chi Master – tai chi tai chi movements tai chi chuan totally free tai chi discover tai chi on the internet what is tai chi historical past of tai chi positive aspects of tai chi tai chi sort tai chi…

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  1. Shantou1 says:


  2. Hasenfeffer says:

    I’ve just started tai chi, it is very relaxing, more so than I ever thought
    possible. Much metta.

  3. LadyLiz Gaiagirl says:

    @Sjnjerak Thanks, nice tip 🙂 Just moved up to the mountains and need more
    music that fits the wonderful surroundings .

  4. poonhelm says:

    is this wu style?

  5. Sjnjerak says:

    @WeegeeLiz Hi man, just search for the name of the instrument you like and
    plenty of songs should come up. I personally prefer Guqin but just
    wikipedia chinese instruments and you should find loads of alternatives.

  6. taijispirit1 says:

    @WeegeeLiz Late reply but… For this kind of music,.. google Sleeping
    Lotus by Li Xiangting

  7. tynie hawk says:

    3:50 Wave Hands Like Clouds. ^_^

  8. Bastion83 says:

    no true offense meant but you learned a lie. Tai Chi Chuan is just that. A
    martial art. Its not just for healing. Every single system has fighting
    application though there are a number of teachers who dont teach or flat
    dont know how to use it as thus. There are videos here on youtube to prove
    what im saying though if you do your homework history wise it speaks for it
    itself. It is an art that can and does heal but it has a fighting use.
    Without it it would be incomplete.

  9. gringolazlo says:

    knowledge is power friend.

  10. TexasSizzle says:

    If anyone knows the song or music artist playing here PLEASE let me know by
    responding! Very graceful tai chi and music as well! Bravo!

  11. LadyLiz Gaiagirl says:

    Can someone give me some hints on how to find this kind of music? I love to
    listen to it, soo relaxing, but I don’t know what it’s called or what to
    search for. Any sugestions ? Martial Arts is just wonderful to watch!

  12. tynie hawk says:

    I didn’t learn a lie…. I said the Taoist Tai Chi Society is a place with
    no fighting competition and that is very true.

  13. ghostwolf17 says:

    very graceful

  14. tynie hawk says:

    I’m pretty sure, from what I’ve learned at the Taoist Tai Chi Society, is
    that there aren’t any fight scenarios. It’s a healing art so there are no
    competitions. It’s totally fun.

  15. Marina D says:

    ลุงของฉันเค้าน่ารัก คิกๆ

  16. ghostwolf17 says:

    awesome, that was very graceful.

  17. canunotg says:

    I just want to see a real kung fu master in action in a real fight
    scenario.. I’ve heard so much about them. Especially the tai chi
    masters…. I hear they’re untouchable.. I want to see some action.. eg
    against a boxer or muay thai fighter. send me a url if you have any
    evidence. or is it just a myth?

  18. Bo Li says:

    lol not how it started out

  19. LadyLiz Gaiagirl says:

    @taijispirit1 Thanks!

  20. james white says:

    still not what i have leanred! this is advced ,and understanably, if you
    have learned the moments, brush the nee , single whip, repulse the monkey,
    park the horse hair,ect, thanks

  21. james white says:

    good shape!