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Timmy McCall vs. Nick Heflin at 2013 ASICS University Nationals – FS

Timmy McCall vs. Nick Heflin in a ninety six kg Champ. Round two at 2013 ASICS College Nationals – FS.
Video clip Ranking: five / five

149 Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma St.) vs. Jason Chamberlain (Boise State) Oliver def. Chamberlain three-two.
Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Brandon Mills says:

    Say if dake stayed at 149 instead of going up 157 nd then 165 and wrestled
    oliver who would win?

  2. Nick Modrow says:

    I would choose a singlet any day over a speedo….swimming compared to
    wrestling… cmon bro that shits gayer then aids….wrestling is a sport of
    its own you’ll never understand shit about it tho cause your wack ass will
    be to busy circle jerking with your D-bag speedo wearing swimmers.

  3. Jaylin Allen says:


  4. lilbromarky1 says:

    What a monster.

  5. SkaterCTV says:

    I really don’t understand why Wrestling isn’t a more popular sport. People
    talk about baseball, tennis, WNBA basketball, NASCAR racing, X games and
    freakin’ GOLF more than Wrestling. What? This is an awesome, exciting sport!

  6. fffkp says:

    This is pathetic compared to swimming

  7. Ur2ez4me81 says:

    If Oliver would have opened up more he would have wrecked this guy.
    Chamberlain is good but Oliver on his feet is unstoppable. Seemed like he
    was wrestling to cautiously & that’s what got him beat last year, just

  8. Charles Marshall says:

    Swimming isn’t a sport its somthing you do so don’t drown

  9. Juan Maya says:

    Win a national title first then you’ll have some ground to stand on

  10. fffkp says:

    It is. They look like idiots….

  11. Jeffrey Simone says:

    I’m not surprised he didnt win by more.. Chamberlain is tough, he beat him
    twice in freestyle, Oliver was wrestling smart.. Crazy how similar Oliver’s
    style is to his coach John Smith – great collegiate choice by Jordan

  12. Nathan Studenroth says:

    how was it amazing its not a big move i wrestle

  13. SkaterCTV says:

    Oliver should have beaten Stieber.

  14. TheAwyocenter76 says:

    Get out.