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Asics ECP Miami Colorway Review from KithStore NYC Ronnie Fieg

Gel Lyte 3 Asics ECP Miami Colorway Overview from KithStore NYC Ronnie Fieg. SUB Below - …..Channels to examine out (click on demonstrate much more) …
Online video Score: 4 / 5

Movie Ranking: 5 / 5

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  1. zakatak47 says:

    Finally was able to scoop a pair of these. Can’t wait to get em in

  2. T Blake says:

    Thanks fam, I’m lucky its working out. Been scared for a minute now

  3. T Blake says:

    word man, that’s what I would go with as well.

  4. Highlyfavored_ant says:

    Not my style, But this is a dope color. Nice to see your channel still
    growing strong. BTW, just put up a Vid, tell me what u think Broski. 🙂

  5. jack lennon says:

    I wanted these !!! Good video

  6. zach k says:

    it’s newbuck… and perferated…

  7. T Blake says:


  8. Alan Morales says:

    Gent and jaws? Turn up

  9. T Blake says:

    haha word man. Both laces are dope!

  10. T Blake says:

    Couldnt agree with you more!

  11. xXlSkULFaC3lXx says:

    I’m pretty sure it says “just cause” on the bottom of the socks

  12. jadaone4u says:

    kith finally sent me the tracking info, can wait to get them. like you i
    didnt have the fortitude to go after both. was digging the color way on the
    miami ones and feel’n the materiel placing on the nyc ones. good to see
    your vid is still up and running by the way.

  13. Joey Agz says:

    dude thanks for the shoutout in the info it goes along way man i really
    hope your channel doesnt get shutdown i tried to get these bc im a big
    miami dolphins fan oh well, and good looking out for retail man

  14. Sole Hunter says:

    Got the orange laces on mine

  15. T Blake says:

    you’ll get the next one. I made a video with some tips on getting Kithstore
    releases if you want to check it out

  16. T Blake says:

    run the trap