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  1. jackinyoubaby says:

    Puts on night vision goggles… we’re going in guys! 

  2. usherleo says:

    i live right down the street from here lol its ok….never been into it but
    not that much traffic flow by it….but it is sealed off with alot of gates
    and walls on some sizes

  3. FreddyTV says:

    I’d love to get a peek inside!

  4. Asian Joe says:

    Well, there was a new Nike Factory Outlet store that just opened near
    Omaha, NE recently. So you’re welcome to visit any time, if you haven’t
    already, haha.

  5. Devin Miller says:

    Great video!! Love that I learn something new on this channel every video!!

  6. OG Kilroy says:

    Me & my boys will be pulling an Ocean’s 23 on this place 

  7. kicksreason says:

    Its Nike Area 51 :-)

  8. JerksNextDoor911 says:

    i dont believe you have been to every single nike store 

  9. John Herod says:

    I live in Memphis and have been there and can get in employee store all
    shoes 50 % off !!!! Love that place 

  10. Sole Salvation says:

    Have you been to the factory store in Geneva ny

  11. PhanaticLife says:

    No wonder all the boxes have the Distribution logo stamped on it, dope
    information nonetheless!

  12. DrivingBackward says:

    Surely he didn’t travel all that way and not get a tour of the place. I
    really hope he did so we can see inside! 

  13. no40 says:

    can we see a tour from you?……didn’t realize how “top secret” of a place
    this distribution center is.

  14. funkychan4u says:

    Somebody quick, slip this guy a sugar free coke. 

  15. courdez1 says:

    How can I get a shirt like yours to rock with my kicks?